Recent Board Orders


Berg, Vanessa Victoria, MD
7-29-22: Order of Completion entered. Respondent has complied with all of the terms and conditions of the 3-1-18 Order.

Dallolio, Michael John, MD
Stipulation and non-practice agreement entered.1-28-22: Complaint issued. Stipulation entered 11-18-22. Order for indefinite suspension 1-27-23.

Doss, William Lafayette, MD
10-31-22: Complaint issued. 12-19-22: Stipulation entered. 1-27-23: Order issued. Respondent must complete 15 hrs of CME focused on pain management that are in addition to the 15 credits used to fulfill Respondent's obligation with the VA Board Order. Must also complete a Medical Recordkeeping course through CPEP. Both courses must be completed within 6 months of the Board's Order.

Lapides, David Ari, MD
4-28-22: Complaint issued. Respondent pled guilty to two charges of distribution of child pornography in the state of Virginia. 5-9-22: Stipulation entered. 7-29-22: Order entered. License indefinitely suspended.

Lindemann, Alan Reinhard, MD
Stipulation and Nonpractice Agreement entered. 10-31-22: Complaint issued. 11-29-22: Stipulation entered. 1-27-23: Order entered for indefinite suspension of license.

Long, Jack , MD
1-27-23: Order of Completion entered. Respondent met all terms and conditions outlined within the Board's Order of 8-20-21.

Okonkwo, David Chinedu, MD
7-29-22: Order restoring to unconditional license.

Pokharel, Saurav , MD
10-21-22: Order of Completion entered. Respondent met the terms and conditioned outlined within the Board's Order of 7-20-18.

Rice, Stuart Glen, MD
4-29-22: Complaint entered. Consumed alcohol with some of the alcohol still in his system at the time of the procedure. 6-3-22: Stipulation entered. 7-29-22: Order indefinitely suspending license.

Rodriguez, Dagoberto Jesus, MD
7-29-22: Order of Completion entered. Respondent complied with all the terms and conditions of the Order dated 4-22-22.

Schmit, Michael Lynn, MD
5-11-22: Complaint issued. 9-1-22: Stipulation entered. 10-21-22: Order entered. Respondent must participate in the NDPHP for a minimum of 5 years and follow all recommendations delineated in the Acumen Forensic Professional Fitness for Duty Evaluation and abide by all requests made by the NDPHP.

Ziomek, Stanley , MD
1-27-23: Order Restoring Unconditional License.

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