CME Requirements

Physicians are required by North Dakota law to complete 60 AMA Category 1 hours of continuing medical education every three years.

Every third year, each licensed physician, at the time of the annual license renewal, is required to certify compliance with the CME requirements. The board does not require all renewing physicians to submit documentation of these hours. Rather, each year the board audits a percentage of renewing physicians, who are then notified and required to submit proof of compliance with the CME requirement.

Physicians' licenses now expire in June and December, and their CME reporting period is based on a sorting of the alphabet.  Beginning with the license renewals for 2013, each physician's license will expire on his or her birthdate. Their birthdate will then become their annual renewal date.  Every third year, following 2013, each physician will be asked to ceritfy compliance with the 60 hour CME requirement.

To facilitate the transition from the current CME reporting schedule, which is based upon licenses expiring in July or December of each year, to a schedule based on the physician's birthdate, all physicians renewing their license for 2013 will be asked to submit their current CME hours. The board realizes that most physicians will not have an obligation to be fully compliant at the time of the 2013 renewal, as they may have just reported within the last year or two. But to start this new reporting cycle, it will be necessary to survey current CME hours and have each physician begin with a clean slate in 2013. Regardless of when a physician's birthday falls, no physician will be given less than three full calendar years in which to obtain the 60 hours required of them in the next reporting cycle. The hours reported in the 2013 survey may not be used again in the next reporting cycle.