Physician FAQ

Does my application for a ND medical license expire?
Yes.  If your application is one year or older and it is still incomplete, it will expire and you will be required to apply again if you want to pursue licensure in ND. 
When does my license expire?

Physician licenses expire on your birthday of each year.  Renewal notices will be sent out 59 days prior and again at 14 days prior to your license expiration. Thus it is important that you have a valid email address on record with the board.

If you are initially approved for licensure by the Board and your birthday is greater than 31 days from the board approval date, you will have to initially renew sooner to get you on the annual birthday rotation.  Please note that the $200 you initially pay is your application fee and renewal of your license is at the same rate. 


Does the ND Board of Medicine participate in the Interstate Medical Licensing Compact (IMLC)?
Yes, the Board does participate in the Interstate Medical Licensing Compact (IMLC).   The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact is an agreement among participating U.S. states to work together to significantly streamline the licensing process for physicians who want to practice in multiple states. It offers a voluntary, expedited pathway to licensure for physicians who qualify. If you are interested in applying via the IMLC, please go to their website at to see if you qualify.
Where do I find info on Telemedicine and/or other rules?

You will find statutes related to Telemedicine at 43-17-01 (6) [page 1]; 43.17-44 and 43-17-45 [page 14] by clicking here

All statutes and admnistrative rules can be found under Laws and Regulations from our homepage under the blue ribbon titled About the Board.

How soon before a board meeting does my file need to be complete to be considered for a regular medical license?

Your file must be complete at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled board meetings in January, April, July, and October.  Once your file is complete, it does need to be sent to our Chairman for his/her review and approval of a provisional temporary (PT) license.  This process takes a minimum of 7-10 days and we finalize licensees for our board meeting at least 2-3 weeks prior to each meeting so that our board members have ample time to review the many applicants for licensure. 

You can find the dates of the board meetings on our website.

What is the processing time for a license application?

We strive to process each application in a timely manner; however, the processing time does vary for each application as there are situations which can delay the process. For example, an incomplete application, waiting for documents/verifications to arrive, rejection of fingerprints, and lack of cooperation from the physician can delay the process.

Please note that your file must be complete and approved by our Board Chair before going to a board meeting for consideration of a permanent license.  We ask you to allow 7-10 days to get your approved provisional temporary license returned from the Board Chair.  If you want to be considered for a permanent license at any board meeting, you should apply early enough so that your file is complete and back from the Chair at least three weeks prior to the date of the board meeting.   The board meeting dates are posted on our website.

How can I obtain fingerprint cards?

Fingerprint cards may be available at any local law enforcement agency or at companies who provide fingerprinting services.  The standard FBI fingerprint card number is FD-258 (white card/blue print).  However, other types of fingerprint cards may be used if they have the required 14 boxes/sections for fingerprints.  If you have problems obtaining fingerprint cards, please contact the Board office.

Can fingerprints be submitted electronically?

No, the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation is not able to accept digital fingerprints electronically from another location at this time; however, you can be fingerprinted digitally but you must have the individual taking your fingerprints actually print out two copies of your fingerprints and then you can submit those along with the required personal authorization for criminal record inquiry.  Do not fold the copies of the prints.

What are the application and background check fees?

The application fee for a permanent license or locum tenens license is $200.00. The background check fee is currently $41.25.  The application fee is payable online via credit card. A separate money order must be submitted for the background check fee. The money order must be in U.S. funds and payable to the Office of the Attorney General and mailed to the Board office with your two required fingerprint cards.

I am using FCVS. Do I have to complete the application?

Yes, you still need to fill out the online application.  You do NOT need to request the Certificate of Medical Education, postgraduate training verifications, licensing exam transcript, or ECFMG verification status (if applicable) as those credentials will be included in your FCVS packet.   State license verifications are NOT part of the FCVS and must be requested from each state board separately or via

I am using FCVS. What else do I need to submit?

FCVS only collects what are called "core credentials". These are the documents that will not change such as medical school and postgraduate training, ECFMG status, and licensing exam scores. You will need to request license verifications and we also ask that you submit copies of your medical diploma, postgraduate training certificates, ECFMG certificate, and ABMS/AOA board specialty certificates, if applicable.  A National Practitioner Data Bank report is also included as part of the FCVS packet.

What is the best way for me to check the status of my application?

Your online application status can be checked by going to the QuickLinks section located at the bottom of the home page and clicking on "Application Status."  If none of the items are checked as received, it likely means that your application has not been processed so please allow time for this to occur.

I am applying for a license in another state and they need verification of my North Dakota license. What do I need to do?

Verification to a U.S. medical or osteopathic licensing board is processed using VeriDoc. Go to to request the verification of your North Dakota license to another licensing board. You will pay by credit card and the verification will be electronically sent to the state medical or osteopathic board. Verifications obtained through VeriDoc are accepted by all state licensing boards in lieu of any form they might have.

If you need a license verification sent to a location outside of the U.S., you will need to mail your request to the Board along with a check or money order in U.S. funds for $30.00. Please clearly indicate the address where the verification is to be sent.

Can a license be issued without receipt of the federal/state background check?

No license of any type will be issued without the Board having the results of the federal and state background checks; therefore, it is extremely important that you submit your fingerprint cards at the beginning of the application process to allow ample time for processing. Fingerprints can be rejected due to low characteristics of the prints and/or for other reasons and if this happens, an applicant must submit two additional fingerprint cards. If an applicant’s prints are rejected a second time, a name search will be conducted. However, name searches tend to take longer than the normal fingerprint-based background checks.

I previously held a North Dakota resident license and now I am applying for a permanent license. Do I have to complete the whole application packet?
Yes, you do have to complete the application online for a permanent license. The resident application for licensure and the physician application for permanent licensure differ. However, if you currently hold a resident license in the state of North Dakota, you do not need to request the verification of your medical school again nor will you need to submit fingerprint cards for an additional background check. However, if you previously held a resident license in the past and have since left the North Dakota residency program, you will be required to submit another set of fingerprint cards with your application for a medical license.  Foreign medical graduates in a North Dakota residency program can apply for a special license after they have successfully completed 24 months of postgraduate training.  This allows them to moonlight outside of the scope of the residency training program.  The same application is used for a special license as is for a regular medical license.  U.S. medical graduates in a North Dakota residency program or any other ACGME or AOA accredited program can apply for a regular medical license after successfully completing one year of postgraduate training.
What is required for verification of my license to the Secretary of State's office for purposes of forming a professional corporation?

We require a $30 fee for this service, payable only by check, money order, or cash at this time.  The form # is North Dakota SFN 13610 which you can find online via Google or on the ND Secretary of State website. Please complete items 1-4 before forwarding the form to us.  Please also indicate where we are to send the completed form, i.e., directly to the Secretary of State's office, your attorney's office, or back to you.

My license has been inactive for several years. How do I reactivate it?

If your license has been inactive for three years or more, you do have to start the process as a new applicant. The only items you do not need to request are the Medical School Verification, the licensing exam transcript and the ECMFG verification status, if applicable.  You also do not need to provide copies of your medical diploma or postgraduate training certificates unless you have completed additional training since your medical license lapsed.

What do the different licensure statuses mean?

PT = Provisional Temporary License. These licenses are granted in the interim of regularly scheduled board meetings to allow a physician to start practicing. All PT licenses are presented to the Board at one of their Board meetings held in January, April, July, and October of each year for consideration of a permanent North Dakota medical license. Once approved by the Board, the PT drops off the front of the license and the physician retains the 4 or 5 digit license number as their permanent license number.

PTA = Provisional Temporary Administrative License.  These licenses are granted in the interim of regularly scheduled board meetings to allow a physician to start practicing administrative medicine only.  Administrative medical licenses are issued for the purpose of practicing medicine only in an administrative capacity and does not allow a physician to practice clinical medicine. All PTA licenses are presented to the Board at one of their Board meetings held in January, April, July and October of each year for consideration of a permanent North Dakota administrative medical license. Once approved by the Board, the PT drops off the front of the license and the physician retains the A (for Administrative) followed by a 5 digit license number as their permanent license number.  (Example:  A12345) 

LT = Locum Tenens License. Locum tenens licenses are only valid for a period of 90 days. A locum tenens license can be converted to a provisional temporary (PT) license by submitting an additional $200 fee.

TSL = Temporary Special License. These licenses are granted in the interim of regularly scheduled board meetings to international medical graduates who are residents currently enrolled in a North Dakota postgraduate training program who have completed 24 months of ACGME accredited training. The license allows the resident to moonlight outside the scope of the residency program.

SL = Special License. After the Board approves the temporary special license (TSL) at one of their regularly scheduled board meetings, the TSL is then considered a Special License.

RL = Resident License. Resident licenses are issued for the full duration of the North Dakota postgraduate training program. Residents cannot moonlight outside the scope of the residency training program with a RL license.

SEC = Special Emeritus Certification. This certification is considered "honorary" only. There is no fee or expiration date for this certification; however, the physician cannot practice or prescribe with a Special Emeritus certification. 

How can I get a duplicate licensure card?

If you need a duplicate licensure card due to loss or some other reason, you may reprint a license by going to the "QuickLinks" section located at the bottom of our home page.  Click on "Print License" to print your licensure card. 

How do I change my mailing address or email?

You can make any address or email change by clicking on Change of Address found in the "QuickLinks" section located at the bottom of our home page.

I just got married/divorced and/or had a legal name change. How do I change the name on my license?

You will need to submit a notarized copy of a legal document such as a marriage license or divorce decree showing your new legal name.

Will I receive a new renewal card or wall certificate with my new name?

A new wall certificate is not issued when a name change occurs. If you need a new wallet sized renewal card in your new name, you will need to wait until the board has processed your name change and then you can reprint your licensure card by going to the "QuickLinks" section at the bottom of the home page.  Click on "Print License" to reprint your licensure card.

How do I log in to renew my license?

Under the Practitioners section, click on "Physicians Licensing and Support", then "Current ND License Holders", and then on "License Renewal" or you can go directly to the bottom of the homepage under QuickLinks and click on "Physicians' Renewal" to begin the renewal process.  You will be prompted to enter your last name, last four digits of your social security number and your ND license number to allow you to enter the renewal system.

Can I get a paper application or renewal form if I don’t want to apply/renew online?

No, the Board does not accept paper applications or renewals as of February 2021.

I did not renew my license in time and now it is inactive. How do I renew it?

If you did not renew your license before the end of the 31 day grace period, you will still be allowed to log in and renew your license.  You will be asked an additional question as to whether you have practiced within the state since your medical license expired.  You may also be asked to supply additional information such as CME documentation.  You will be required to pay any renewal fees in arrearage.