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North Dakota Physician, Physician Assistant, Genetic Counselor and Fluoroscopy Technician Search (Licensure and Disciplinary Information)

This page offers information about the licensure status of physicians, physician assistants, and genetic counselors who are currently licensed to practice in North Dakota or were recently licensed to practice in this state. If you are searching for a licensee whose name does not appear in this data bank, you may contact our office, however, all current licensees are included. Some former licensees who were first licensed many years ago may not be listed. The types of physician licenses that will be included in the search are: active, inactive, resident, provisional temporary, locum tenens, and special emeritus as well as physician assistant and genetic counselor licenses.

Name Searches

When you enter a name the spelling must be correct, however, it is possible to begin a search by entering only a partial last name. If you are unsure of the last name of the licensee, you may improve your chances of finding a match by typing only the first few letters of the last name. However, if you wish to specify a first name for a licensee, you must correctly type the entire last name. Again, searching by only the first few letters of a last name will give you a better chance of locating the information you want if you are not certain of the correct spelling, however, you will have more data to sort through.

License Number Searches

To initiate a search by license number, you must enter the entire number. Please enter numbers only; do not include any alpha characters that precede or follow the numbers.


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Notice to Credential Verification Professionals

This website is considered a primary source for Board data—it is the same information the Board provides through other means, such as phone, fax or mail, and is true and complete to the best of our knowledge. This site is updated in real time with the Board's licensure database.

The JCAHO and the NCQA permit the use of a state professional board's website for primary source verification of licensure if the following conditions are met: (1) The website is the official state professional board website; (2) the website receives its information directly from the state professional board's database through encrypted transmission, and; (3) the data is updated and is current. This website meets each of those criteria.