IMPORTANT: Prescription Drug Monitoring Rule Effective 1-1-18

CHAPTER 50-05-02


   1.   Every practitioner with a DEA registration number shall register with the PDMP.

    2.   A.  When a practitioner determines that reported drugs will be prescribed to a patient for a period to exceed 12 weeks, the practitioner shall request a PDMP report for that patient and, at a minimum, at least semi-annually thereafter.

          B.  This requirement does not apply to reported drugs prescribed to patients in a controlled setting in which the drugs are locked and administered to the patient, for example, admitted  hospital or hospice patients, long term care patients or group home residents

    3.  In addition to those reports requested under paragraph 2, practitioners shall request a PDMP report when it is documented in the prescribing practitioner’s medical record for that patient that the patient exhibits signs associated with diversion or abuse, 

           A.  Selling prescription drugs;

           B.  Forging or altering a prescription;

           C.  Stealing or borrowing reported 

           D.  Taking more than the prescribed dosage of any reported drug;

           E.  Having a drug screen that indicates the presence of additional or illicit drugs;

           F.  Being arrested, convicted or diverted by the criminal justice system for a drug-related offense;

           G.  Receiving reported drugs from providers not reported to the treating practitioner; and

           H.  Having a law enforcement or health professional express concern about the patient’s use of drugs.

            I.   Violating any prescribing agreement with the physician;

           J.  Frequently requests early refills of a reported drug for any reason;

           K.  Appears impaired or excessively sedated to the physician in any patient encounter;  

           L.  Has a history of drug abuse dependency.

4.         A practitioner shall document the receipt and assessment of PDMP reports made under this rule.


General Authority:                  28-32-02, NDCC

Statute Implemented:             19-03.5-09(2) NDCC; 43-17,  NDCC

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