License Types

Forms of Licensure

This Board has the authority to issue the following forms of licensure:

1. Full License.  Full licenses are only granted/approved on the day of regularly scheduled board meetings.

2. Provisional Temporary License. A provisional temporary license may be granted to an applicant who has met all requirements for licensure. A provisional temporary license is only valid until the time of the next regular meeting of the Board of Medicine.

3. Administrative License.  Administrative medical licenses are issued for the purpose of practicing medicine only in an administrative capacity and does not allow a physician to practice clinical medicine.

4. Provisional Temporary Administrative License. This license allows the practice of medicine only in an administrative capacity.  A provisional temporary administrative license is only valid until the time of the next regular meeting of the Board of Medicine.

5. Locum Tenens Permit. Locum tenens permits are issued for a specific practice site and only for a period not to exceed three (3) months.

6. Temporary Special License. These licenses are granted in the interim of regularly scheduled board meetings to international medical graduates who are residents currently enrolled in a North Dakota postgraduate training program who have completed 24 months of ACGME accredited training. The license allows the resident to moonlight outside the scope of the residency program.

7.  Special License. After the Board approves the temporary special license (TSL) at one of their regularly scheduled board meetings, the TSL is then considered a Special License.