The North Dakota Board of Medicine has expressly adopted the California Medical Board’s list of disapproved medical schools, and is developing further license eligibility criteria for graduates of international medical schools. Currently the list of disapproved medical schools, and their date of disapproval, is as follows:


CETEC University, Santo Domingo (closed) 05-19-83

CIFAS University, Santo Domingo (closed) 11-16-84

UTESA University, Santo Domingo 07-13-85 disapproval reaffirmed 02-07-97

World University, Santo Domingo (closed)12-01-89

Spartan Health Sciences University, St. Lucia 06-13-85

University of Health Sciences Antigua, St. John's 07-28-95

Universidad Eugenio Maria de Hostos (UNIREMHOS), Dom. Rep. 11-01-96

Universidad Federico Henriquez y Carvajal, Dom. Rep. 07-31-98

St. Matthew's University, Grand Cayman 02-18-05

Kigezi International School of Medicine, Cambridge, England and Uganda 11-02-07

Graduates of these medical schools after the date of disapproval by the California Medical Board should not presume eligibility for either resident or permanent licensure in North Dakota.