Instructions for Online Application

The application must be submitted online. 

  1. The fee for the online application is $205.00, payable by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) upon submission of the online application.  The background check fee in the amount of $41.25 is payable only by money order to the Office of the Attorney General.  This money order should be mailed, with two fingerprint cards, to the Board.  Please also make sure your completed fingerprint cards and the fingerprint verification form are placed in a SEALED envelope by the fingerprint technician who took your prints with their signature written across the sealed edge of the envelope.  You should then place the sealed envelope inside another envelope addressed for mailing to the Board.  
  2. If you do choose to use the services of the  FCVS, you do not need to separately request the verification of medical education, postgraduate training verification(s), licensing exam transcript, ECFMG verification status, and National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) as these items will be a part of your FCVS packet.  
  3. ONE recent unmounted photograph of yourself must be uploaded or mailed (including your full name on the back of the photo) with your TWO fingerprint cards. The photograph must be of original passport quality, no larger than wallet size and should be a close-up front view of head and shoulders taken no longer than 90-120 days prior to filing this application.
  4. The following documents shall be submitted to the Board’s office electronically or by fax (701-989-6392):
    1. Photocopy(s) of American Board certificate(s) and/or Canadian Board certificate(s).
    2. Notarized photocopy of marriage certificate or legal name change document if your name differs from that on any of your documents.
  5. You must request an ECFMG status report to be sent directly from the ECFMG to our Board.
  6. The Certificate of Medical Education form must be completed by your medical school and must be sent directly from your medical school to the North Dakota Board of Medicine by mail or fax (701-989-6392).
  7. You must sign and date the Affidavit and return it to us electronically or via fax (701-989-6392).  We cannot process your application without this completed form.
  8. You must direct the licensing board of every state/province where you have ever applied for any type of medical license (regardless of whether the license was granted or not granted, is active or inactive, temporary or permanent, restricted or unrestricted) to provide the North Dakota Board of Medicine with verification of your licensure status. The Board accepts license verifications provided through VeriDoc. Verification requests made via are sent to our board electronically.
  9. When completing the online application, please list your medical school and postgraduate training in the respective sections.  In the employment/privileges section, list all of your employment, hospital privileges, etc. for no more than the past 10 years in CHRONOLOGICAL date order starting with the OLDEST information first.  Please do not complete the application in uppercase letters.  
  10. You must request the appropriate organization to send an original transcript of your licensing exam scores to the North Dakota Board of Medicine. NOTE:  The ND Board of Medicine allows no more than three attempts per step, part or component of a licensing exam.
  11. You must submit the completed Criminal Record Authorization and the Fingerprint Verification form along with TWO fingerprint cards..  The fingerprint technication doing your prints must complete the verification form per the instructions.  Fingerprint cards may be available at local law enforcement offices and at other private companies who provide fingerprinting services. You should call your local law enforcement office for times and locations if fingerprinting services are available. Please be sure to bring a photo ID. A small fee ($5-$10) may be required. Mail your two fingerprint cards, money order made payable to the Office of Attorney General, and the completed criminal history record check request and fingerprint verification form to the Board office at 4204 Boulder Ridge Rd Ste 260, Bismarck, ND  58503.  
    DO NOT BEND OR FOLD the fingerprinting cards when mailing them to us as they will be rejected and you will be required to be fingerprinted again. Instructions for completing the fingerprint cards are found here.
  12. You must provide this reference form to TWO personal references (MD or DO) who have known your for more than one year and who can attest to your moral and ethical character.  You must ask your two physician references to submit the completed reference form directly to the ND Board of Medicine via US mail, fax, or email as indicated on the form.   

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Paper Applications

The Board NO LONGER accepts paper applications as of 2-19-21.

Helpful Hints


The North Dakota Board of Medicine annually processes hundreds of applications for licensure. In each case, the Board conducts a thorough evaluation of medical credentials, employment or work history, malpractice history, and disciplinary history. This process takes time - anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending in large part upon how quickly the applicant complies with what is requested of his/her and the nature of any problems requiring closer scrutiny. In spite of the fact that there is no guarantee of licensure, some applicants make commitments to start work at a certain time and later find that the commitment cannot be kept. Please remember that the Board will not accelerate one application at the expense of another, nor will it forego any elements of its screening process. The following suggestions are offered to help those who apply for licensure, as well as those who recruit physicians:

  1. Give the Board enough time to do its job. For something as important as a medical license, two months lead-time is not unreasonable.
  2. Be cautious on making commitments on loans, practice start dates, taking specialty boards, home purchases, etc., until a license is granted. Not all physicians who apply will receive a license. Don't set yourself or your colleagues up for disappointment or financial setbacks based on mere speculation.
  3. Make sure all application materials are sent to the Board as quickly as possible, in accordance with the directions set forth in the application packet. Deadlines are strictly enforced. Don't waste valuable time assuming that an exception will be made or that a requirement will be waived for you.
  4. If there are items on the application about which the Board desires additional information, or if there is any derogatory information that comes to light, it may take the application longer to get through the review process.
  5. Remember that regardless of the date of issuance, all licenses expire on the birth month/day of the licensee. 
  6. The North Dakota Board of Medicine accepts the Physician Information Profile produced by the Federation of State Medical Boards Credentials Verification Service (FCVS). You may contact the FCVS toll-free at 1-888-275-3287 if you choose to do so. You are not required to subscribe to the FCVS.