Board Meeting Highlights 7-19-19


July 19, 2019 Board Meeting Highlights:

The Board approved 195 physician licenses, three administrative licenses and 60 resident licenses.  The Board conducted two in person interviews.  Five stipulations for discipline were approved by the Board.  Four Orders of Completion were issued to licensees who have fulfilled all obligations of Board Orders.  The Investigative Panels gave reports showing that a total of 45 cases were reviewed with seven confidential letters of concern and four formal complaints being authorized. 

The Board approved a decision to coincide with the Interstate Medical Licensing Compact accrediting bodies for acceptable/recognized medical schools.  This includes medical schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation, or a medical school listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED).  The Board reviewed a request to make available for licensees to list multiple addresses in our database and approved the request.  This change will be made through the Board’s data system in the near future. 

The Board appointed a small subcommittee to work on the appointment of a Genetic Counselor Advisory Committee.  The Board received a report from the North Dakota Professional Health Program. Both Investigative Panels and the Board held elections for officers.  Dr. Nagala was voted in as Chair of the Board, Dr. Sticca as the Vice Chair, and Ann Reich as Treasurer.  The officers of Investigative Panel A remained the same with Dr. Sticca as the Chair and Ann Reich as the Vice Chair.  Panel B voted Dr. Solberg in as Chair and Dr. Houle as Vice Chair.

The Board reviewed and approved Administrative Rule changes relating to the practice of physician assistants, fluoroscopy technicians and the Interstate Medical Licensing Compact.  The Board will be repealing all rules associated with fluoroscopy technicians as the ND Board of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy now licenses fluoroscopy technicians.  The Board approved adding a holder of a valid Letter of Qualification from the Interstate Medical License Compact (IMLC) to our rules on the exceptions to technical requirements.  This proposed change can be seen here.  The Board also added a denial of a Letter of Qualification through the Interstate Medical License Compact as a basis for appeal which can be viewed here.  The Board will begin issuing licenses through the IMLC on August 1, 2019.

The Board concluded its meeting by saying thank you and goodbye to four members of our Board.  Dr. Robert J. Olson who served on the Board for over seven years including two years as the Chair of the Board and two years as Chair of Investigative Panel A.  Dr. Genevieve Goven served on the Board for over six years including two years as Treasurer.  She also served as the Board liaison to the NDPDMP.  Kate Larson, PA-C served on the Board for eight (8) years including two years as the Vice Chair of the Board and two years as the Chair of Investigative Panel B.  The Board also thanked Dr. Chemiti for his service of two years on the Board.  The staff at the North Dakota Board of Medicine thanks each of these Board members for their hard work and dedication throughout their many years of service.


The physician assistants rule draft can be found here.  The physician assistant’s statute changed during the legislative session.  The new law here eliminates the need for a supervisory contract.  There is a requirement regarding the place of practice for a physician assistant within the new law.  A physician assistant must certify that they are practicing at a licensed health care facility, a facility with a credentialing and privileging system, or a physician owned facility or practice.  If they are working in any type of facility not listed in the NDCC 43-17-02.1(4) then they must petition the Board for permission to do so.  If a physician assistant is petitioning the Board to practice at a facility not listed within the law and has less than 4000 hours of practice they will need approval from the Board and they will need to submit a collaborative agreement as outlined in NDCC 43-17-02.1(5).

A special note:  If you are currently practicing as a facility that requires Board approval you will need to submit your petition to the Board for review at their November meeting.

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